Welcome to our directory of Italian learning resources!

We have 15 resources and apps available for learning Italian. Our Italian apps and resources range from very simple apps (such as the "Alphabetize" or "Word Count" apps) to amazing worksheet or wordsearch generators which are all completely customizable and printable. Most of these resources can be used by students or teacher but we do have some resources that will be useful for native or fluent Italian speakers (for example the "Convert Italian to Unicode"). All of these apps and resources will work with most modern browsers and are super user friendly

The apps are divided into three main categories: Learning Italian, which are resources for learners to self-teach Italian; Teaching Italian, which are free resources to teach different skills in Italian, as well as a wide range of ability levels; and Using Italian Online, which will help Italian speakers use Italian online.

Learning Italian:

These resources will assist you in learning Italian, whether you're an intermediate or advanced student. These can all be customized depending on your level. Learners can also use some of our teaching resources. On top of this, we can recommend using Italian podcasts for learning Italian.

Type in Italian Accents are very important in Italian and can make a difference to the meaning. However, not all computers will have Italian characters installed but you can use this easy-to-use online keyboard to make sure that you can type all accents and special characters. 

Alphabetize Italian Text This app will let teachers, learners, native and fluent speakers or anyone writing in Italian put their text in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order. Accented letters with be sorted with the correpsonding vowel (e.g. é with e)

Turn Italian text into an image This app with create an image for you to use on social media or as a web signature in Italian text. There are countless options to play with, with customizable color, font and size.

Change the case of Italian text Italian writers can convert any Italian text into UPPER CASE, lower case, Or Sentence Case, etc.

Count Italian Characters And Words This resource is very helpful for anyone writing in Italian who wants to keep track of their word and character count.  

Change Italian Text Orientation With this converter you can change the orientation of any Italian text. You can choose whether your text is left-to-right, right-to-left or top-to-bottom.

Teaching Italian:

These resources can help Italian teachers. There are a lot of different resources to choose from. You can generate Italian worksheets (for free!) and test your students knowledge of Italian vocabulary, grammar and numbers. There are many ways that you can customize the worksheets to make sure that they fit the needs of your Italian lessons. These worksheet generators are aimed to be time-saving and easy to use.

Italian Word Search Creator Create wordsearches for students to find target vocabulary with this resource. Random letters will be added to a grid along with the words you choose. You can choose the size of your grid. These worksheets make great homework or end of class tasks.

Create Italian Number Bingo Sheets Students can practice Italian word numbers and listening skills, all whilst having fun with these bingo sheets. Enter the numbers you want to appear and let the games begin!

Create Italian Random Number Bingo Sheets This worksheet generator works like the previous one, but here you can chose the range of numbers you'd like and this generator will create bingo sheets using completely random numbers within this range.

Italian Sentence Fill In The Gap Test your students vocabulary skills by removing words from Italian text with this worksheet generator. Every word you select will be removed and will appear in a separate box for students to choose.

Italian Sentences Create Blank Spaces This resource is very versatile as there are no right or wrong answers. Remove a word from a sentence and that word will appear as a prompt in brackets at the end of the sentence. Students can then fill in their own answers.

Italian Words Scramble This resource is great for testing spelling. Enter your text, select a word, and his resource will scramble up the order of the words for the student to correct. Sentences will remain in the same order and you can scramble as many words in a text as you'd like.

Jumble Up Italian Sentences This resource helps students practice sentence structure. Type a sentence and this app will jumble around the words. The student must then put the words back into the correct order. You can keep the sentence in Sentence Case, or you can have all the words appear in lower case.

Using Italian online:

These free resources are perfect for developers looking to use Italian on websites and contain things like:

Convert Italian Text Into Unicode This resource can be used by native or fluent Italian writers to convert Italian text to Unicode. This will allow accents such as é and í to be expressed online regardless of whether or not a browser has a Italian keyboard installed. You can also use this resource to convert Unicode back into Italian.

Convert Italian TXT Files From Uppercase To Lowercase This converter will convert the contents of any Italian .TXT file into UPPER CASE, lower case, Or Sentence Case, etc. This is useful for teachers, learners and native speakers.

Convert Italian SRT Files From Uppercase To Lowercase Upload your Italian subtitle .SRT file and this converter into UPPER CASE, lower case, Or Sentence Case, etc.

Our collection of resources for learning Italian online is being updated all the time. Check back often to see what new resources are available! Currently, we have no specific converters or resources for Italian pronunciation or Italian speaking, but we are hopeful to add them soon.

Is Italian difficult to learn?

No, Italian is not difficult to learn. However, like all languages, it does take some time and effort to learn. For example, there are gendered nouns and some letters are pronounced differently. It is also important to remember the correct conjugation for each verb, and to remember that some letters have accents (e.g. é, í). Fortunately, these resources are here to help.

The best way to learn Italian is to immerse yourself in the language as much as possible. This means listening to Italian speakers, reading Italian texts, and speaking the language as often as you can. 

All of these resources are free to use and customizable depending on a learner's level and ability. These resources are easy-to-use and are compatible with all modern browsers. You can really make these Italian language resources your own.

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