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How to type in Italian using our keyboard?

This keyboard has special keys that allow you to type Italian accents and have your text displayed correctly written in Italian. You can use it with any web browser and without the need for additional software or applications and works on Windows, Mac, Android and ios.

Do accents matter in Italian?

The answer is yes and no. While in some cases the correct use of accents can make a difference in meaning, in some cases, Italian words are still understandable even if they are not accented correctly. A lot of words Italian are able to be understood based on their spelling, without the need for accents.

There are certain instances when the use of accents is necessary in order to avoid confusion or ambiguity. For example, the words "perché" and "perche" have different meanings even though they are spelled similarly. "Perché" means "why" while "perche" means "because". In general, it is always best to use accents when writing in Italian in order to ensure that your meaning is clear. For exams and coursework, without the accent, the Italian would be incorrect.

Just click on the accented letters and go!

To use our online Italian keyboard, you can either type and click on the Italian accent that you want to insert into the text. Alternatively, you can type your content and when you want an accent, type the code below so a' for à, e1 for è etc.

The default with this Italian keyboard is lowercase. If you prefer uppercase accented characters, click on the SHIFT key. Select the text size that is most comfortable for you by selecting the icon with "Àà". When you have finished creating your text in Italian, press the "copy" option at the bottom right and then paste it into your document.

What accents exist in Italian and how do they change the sound?

à – The accent on the letter "a" indicates that it should be pronounced like a long "a" sound.

è – This accent means that the letter "e" should be pronounced like a long "e" sound.

é – This accent is used on the letter "e" and it means that the letter should be pronounced like a short sound.

ì – The accent indicates that the letter "i" should be pronounced like a long "i" sound.

ò – The accent on the letter “o” makes the letter sound like a long “o”.

ó – On the letter "o," this accent indicates that it should be pronounced like a short "o" sound.

ù – The long "u" sound is indicated by this accent used on the letter "u."

Does this keyboard work in all browsers?

This keyboard works in all modern browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, or any others). We have lots of other learn Italian resources on our website, so feel free to explore!


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