How to turn numbers into Italian numbers?

Italian numbers can be very difficult to follow so this app makes it easy. When writing numbers in Italian its easy to "cheat" and use digit (Arabic) numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) instead of writing the numbers out in full (uno, due, tre, quattro, cinque). But if you encounter a written number in Italian it can be hard to work out, as long Italian numbers are written as compound words.

Italian word numbers can be difficult to understand as they are structured differently. The structure for numbers 11 - 16 follows the same rules as English word numbers, so fourteen is four "quattro" + teen "dici" = "quattordici". For numbers 17 - 19, the words are flipped so seventeen becomes ten "dici" + seven "sette" = "diciassette".

Whereas in English word numbers the ten and the unit are separated words (e.g. thirty two) in Italian the words are compound words (e.g. trentadue). It is possible to attempt to directly translate Italian numbers but there are many other rules that need to be followed, "trentadue" for example is "trente" + "due", but the "e" is replaced with an "a". For numbers over one hundred, the unit suffix works the same as in English, but as a compound word, e.g. "trecento" is three hundred. 

However, now you can use this converter to turn Italian word numbers into digit (arabic) numbers and digit numbers into Italian word numbers quickly and easily! It's a great way to test a learner's knowledge of Italian numbers and how they are written. This converter works for huge numbers too!

To use this converter, simply type in the Italian word number you want to convert into the text box below and hit the 'Convert' button. The converter will do the rest!


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