How to put Italian text in alphabetical order?

This resource is great for organizing any piece of writing. It can help students or teachers to easily look-up target vocabulary in a text. This app will also help if you want to look-up Italian words, or find a word in a text a student is not familiar with. Just enter your Italian text and then put it in alphabetical order.

Italian text has accents so this app will sort the accented letters in the same way as letters without accents (so é will appear at the same place as e). You can choose whether you want the results in alphabetical (ABC) or reverse alphabetical (ZYX) order. You may also choose whether to sort the entries horizontally or vertically. Vertical sorting will alphabetize the first word on each line and horizontal sorting will put the words on a line in alphabetical order. The output will show the sorted text with each word on a separate line.

Simply enter it into the text box and your text will be automatically sorted! Try it out now!


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